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Fraud Facts And Tips To Help You

You place an ad for your collectible, motorcycle or electronic equipment on a specialty Web site.КYou’re contacted by a buyer. Everything appears legitimate. You even receive a cashier’s check overnight. The only problem is the check is written for $5,000 over the sale price. The buyer says it was an error and asks you to deposit the check and refund the overpayment using a money transfer service. A week later, your bank informs you the check was fraudulent. No funds have been deposited into your account. Unfortunately, the item has already been sent, along with $5,000 in cash.

When the payment is found to be a fraud, the funds are withdrawn from your account. In this type of scam, you could lose both the amount of the overpayment and the item you were selling. Because some banks allow funds to be drawn before an item has cleared, you might not learn of the fraud until it is too late.

The Solution

Before sending a money transfer transaction, consider these suggestions:

1. Don’t use a money transfer service to send funds to someone you don’t know.

2. Be wary of a buyer who is anxious to complete a transaction immediately. Most genuine buyers spend time asking questions and negotiating the price.

3. Check with your bank to find out how long it will take the check to clear. Just because the bank has given you access to the funds, that doesn’t mean the check has fully cleared.

4. Wait until the check has cleared before sending the amount of the overpayment.

5. Remember the old adage: If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Money transfer companies such as Western Union want to create a greater awareness of the various types of consumer fraud. If you feel you’ve been the victim of fraud, contact the Attorney General, other local law enforcement officials and your bank.

Funny Ways To Save Money

There was a list of funny ways to save money on a “frugal living” website. They weren’t necessarily meant to be funny, but were gleaned from real suggestions sent in. Some cheapskates don’t seem to notice that an extra hour at work might put them further ahead than many hours of penny-pinching.

The following are real suggestions, and then there are some funny ways to save money that you really shouldn’t try.

Funny Ways To Save Money – The Real Suggestions

One person suggested ways to save money on weddings that included picking up the leftover flowers at a cemetery. I’m not sue how you can tell which are “leftovers.”

Another creative penny pincher found a way to save money on a car wash. He washed his entire car using the squeegee at the gas station.

A woman confessed that she has the kids stuff their pockets with the free ketchup, salt and other condiment packets every time they were in a fast food restaurant. That’s not all, though. She actually had the kids squeeze ketchup and mustard from the packets into regular jars of ketchup and mustard, and claims she hasn’t bought these condiments in years.

To save money on an umbrella, one man suggests going to the lost and found department of any large public library. Tell them you lost a black umbrella. They will have several, from which you can pick the best one and claim it as your own.

Call people long-distance when you know they won’t be home. Leave a message for them to call. That way, they pay for the long-distance call.

Funny Ways To Save Money – Don’t Try This At Home

Don’t pay baby sitters! Get young couples who are thinking about having kids to “rent” yours for the evening. They get to see what it will be like, and you can get paid instead of paying for sitters.

Turn off the TV and all the lights to save electricity. Tell the kids it’s a game of hide-and-seek.

Train your dog to beg for food from strangers, so you won’t have to buy dog food.

Rub pine needles under your arms instead of buying deodorant.

Take extra napkins from fast food restaurants to save on toilet paper.

Borrow your neighbors toothbrush instead of buying your own.

If I write a book on ways to save money, funny or not, will I make much in sales, or will everyone take my suggestion and borrow it from the library instead of buying it?